It’s often said that you get what you pay for; spend a little and get little in return. However, this doesn’t only apply to money, but to research as well. By only learning a little, you will get little return on your investment. Here at True Performance Real Estate, we want to help you expand your research budget so that when it comes time to sell your home, you are rolling in the riches of knowledge. Are You Asking the Right Questions when Searching for a Listing Broker?

Asking the Right Questions when Searching for a Listing Broker

Over the last few years, we have asked many of our clients what they were looking for when they started shopping for a Listing Agent and we found that they were spending all their research budget on the wrong questions. They were wasting money and time in the wrong directions and we don’t want you to do the same, so here is a list of the RIGHT questions you should be asking when looking for a Listing Agent.

What are the Listing Fees?

The Listing Fee is what you will be paying your Agent to List your home. Although the standard fee is around 6%, there is usually a little wiggle room for negotiation. Keep in mind, however, that your agent must split this fee with the buyer’s agent and the Listing Fee Commission is how both agents get paid. Because of this, a homeowner who insists on a low Listing Fee runs the risk of limiting the number of would-be buyers who would look at the home since both agents are more likely to show homes that will bring them more money.

Don’t be fooled by Flat Fee Brokers. In a previous article, we explained how these con artists hurt you and your selling process. Flat Fee Brokers offer limited services and are avoided by most reputable brokers.

How Will You Market My Home?

Knowing how your Agent will get your home out into circulation is huge. If a prospective agent tells you that they have a great list of homes and that you don’t need to worry…WORRY! A good agent will have multiple methods of advertising your home. From multiple Open House showings to social media outlets, they will market your home in as many ways as possible.

Be sure that your agent works with a multitude of other agents, displays bold, easy-to-see signage, and has other homes up on FB Upcycle groups or right on their own page.

They should also have a strong MLS presence so that a greater number of agents can see your home’s listing.

How Will You Get The Best Offer?

This is VITAL! Be certain that your agent will be picky with prospective buyers. A good agent will make certain that your buyer is pre-qualified for a loan, but a GREAT agent will go into more detail. They will find out:

  • How much the buyer has been approved for
  • If there are any pre-conditions on the loan that may slow the home buying process
  • If there any conditions that would sabotage the deal at some point
  • If the appraisal is lower than the sales price, can the buyer pay the difference and more…

A great agent will have a clear understanding of the market and know the ideal listing price for your home to sell high and fast. They know how the real estate market works and can work the system to get you the best price possible.

At the end of the selling process you want to come out ahead monetarily. To do that, you need to invest in knowledge. Take the time to research agents with the right questions so that you can win big! Talk to your True Performance Real Estate Agent today to get a wealth of knowledge with no pressure to invest.