Isn’t it amazing how fast the fall scoots by? The holidays are coming up really quick, but even with Christmas zipping in fast, people are still buying and selling houses. If you just happen to be someone selling your home, this is a good time to start taking down the brown and orange decorations and start sticking up the green and white ones. After all, if you want to sell fast, your house needs to look good and nothing helps the outward look of your home better than CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!

Christmas Curb Appeal

Let’s start with the front entrance. After all, people are going to be walking up to your door to look inside so why not impress them with something that looks fantastic!

First off, look at the front of your house. Is your yard still covered in leaves? Then get out your rake! Potential buyers want to see the state of your lawn because it gives them an idea of how much work you put into your house. A messy lawn leaves the impression owners who may not have taken care of anything else.

Once you’ve bagged the foliage, it’s time to take a trip to the store for some deco. Don’t worry about splurging if you want. It’ll be worth it when you get your asking price and then some.

So, here’s your list:

Festive Floor Mat

If you don’t already have one, then this is the perfect time to pick one out. Remember to get something cheerful and welcoming, but not too goofy. (Not everyone gets all the jokes.) It’ll be easy to find something Christmas-y since it “ ‘Tis the season.” Keep it clean and looking nice for your visitors.

Garland Greenery

This is great for any front porch with rails or covering. It gives that “we’re festive and comfortable” feel for people taking a gander. Don’t go overboard though. Just a few strands wrapped around. Think accent, not covering.

Welcoming Wreaths

Seriously, if you don’t have a wreath hanging somewhere, you may as well hang a sign that says “Grinch lives here and Scrooge rents out the basement.” Wreaths are a great way to bring an organic warmth and nature to the exterior of your home. Traditionally wreaths are placed on the front door, but you can switch it up a bit by placing them in your front windows, hanging them from garage lights, or even your mailbox.

Lighting the Way

Ok, this is where it’s hard not to go Clark Griswold (too dated? Look it up.) in your house. Once you start hanging lights it’s almost impossible to stop. Who doesn’t want to signal air-traffic away from DIA? Seriously though, keep it simple like the garland. Too much can scare buyers away at the speed of light.

Lawn Decorations

Speaking Chevy Chase mania, let’s talk lawn ornaments. Since you cleaned away dead fall leaves, it might be looking a bit bare right about now so let’s put a few things out there. Those wire reindeer are cute and inflatables are fun. The nice thing is that you can go a bit more haywire here than you could with the doormat. Make it fun, but, again, DON’T GO OVERBOARD! Accentuate your lawn, don’t cover it!

Anything else you want to put up to make your house look more like a warm, inviting home is fantastic. Have fun with it and realize that if you can make a buyer smile, then you are already on your way to the sale. Enjoy the shopping trip and please don’t send us pictures of your brother-in-law in his robe by the curb.

P.S. Please send us pics of your decorations. We love seeing what people come up with!