Did you ever think that your dog would end up on a DNA list? Well, if you’re a breeder, then the idea may not be so far-fetched, but for a normal house pet?

Welcome to the world of DOG POOP DNA TESTING!

Now your dog can be cross-matched with other pups by just a small sampling of a smelly yard bomb; which is the reason Poop DNA matching came about.

How many times have you taken Spot out to do his business and inadvertently filled the creases of your trainers with the leavings of a nearby careless owner? It’s a situation that just stinks and many housing complexes and super-communities in the Denver-Metro area feel the same way. To help combat unthinking stinkers, most are starting to require that your dog’s DNA is put into the local database.

How Dog Poop DNA Testing Works

If you’ve watched even one episode of CSI, then you’ve seen the entire process at work. For approximately $50, a tech stops by your place, swabs the inside of Fluffy’s cheek, and then sends the swab off to the lab. There it will be analyzed, broken down, and input into a doggy database…without the dramatic music or witty one-liners.

Why The Push

Most commercial property owners, rental companies, and property management companies want to keep maintenance costs low and visual appeal high and numerous piles of “Yuck!” keep that from happening. These owners and companies know that the majority of puppy parents are responsible and take advantage of the baggie stands. However, as is usually the case, a small group of irresponsible people have made pet waste an issue for everyone.

The Consequences: Catching the Poopetrators

When maintenance staff (or the nosy old lady down the way) finds un-scooped waste, a small sample is sent off to a lab where it is analyzed and matched to dogs already in the system. Results are usually sent back within 2-3 weeks. If the “sample” matches a local canine, then the dog owner is usually fined for their mess. However, due to the many points of comparison between one dog and another, results are only returned if the canine and waste match on every available point with no discrepancies.

In the end, those who regularly clean up after their furry child won’t have to worry, but remember to be thorough because many places are starting to fine for leaving behind even a small amount. For those who don’t care and keep ignoring the mess their dog makes…SHAME ON YOU!