Highlands Ranch is one of the fastest growing communities in the country with a population of active residents with over eighty-five percent of the homes located less than a quarter mile from some form of outdoor activity.  Take a closer look at not only one of the subdivisions that make Highland Ranch so great, but the Community Association that supports it EastRidge Terrace and the Highlands Ranch Community Association.

Eastridge Terrace Highlands RanchEastridge Terrace of Highlands Ranch

One of the HRCA’s smaller sub-divisions, Eastridge Terrace is nestled just east of the Wildcat Reserve Parkway. Consisting of 500 houses, most of the $350-$520k homes are multi-level with spacious plots for family outdoor fun. Additionally, Eastridge does not rely solely on HRCA for its fun, but instead boasts its own Recreation Center with a long list of amenities including: a cardiovascular area, four family changing rooms, a fitness/dance studio, a free weight area, indoor locker rooms, meeting rooms, running track, indoor and outdoor pools for all ages, a spa and steam room, a climbing wall, and many others. The designers wanted everyone in the Eastridge Terrace community to have something to enjoy and it looks as though they succeeded.

Shopping Close to EastRidge Terrace

No one wants to travel miles and miles to restock the fridge. To that end, the HRCA has an entire shopping center that any resident can reach in less than five minutes. With both grocery and retail, The Village Center at Highlands Ranch contains stores such as Whole Foods, King Soopers, Bath and Body Works, and of course, Starbucks! Sprinkled among these stores are a plethora of restaurants for residents to enjoy as well. From a simple Subway sandwich to Cub’s Q Authentic BBQ, the range of food is vast to suit just about anyone’s tastes.

Schools Near EastRidge Terrace

Right next to EastRidge Terrace is Valor High School, one of the top rated high schools in the Douglas County RE-1 area. It is joined by Arrowhead Elementary and Cresthill Middle Schools, both of which have received numerous awards from the county and state. More importantly, every school in the Highlands Ranch Community Association has a 4 out 5 rating from the local parents.

eastridge-terrace-highlands-ranch-2Activities, activities, activities of EastRidge Terrace

This list of sports, classes, events, parties, and just plain fun that the HRCA provides its residents is almost too long to list. The Recreation Center hosts classes in cooking, pottery, and painting. The surrounding fields support soccer, tennis, and baseball. Every summer and fall sees a Farmer’s Market, Highland Ranch Days, Wine Tastings, Craft Shows and Concerts. There is not a single weekend of nice weather that doesn’t focus on an event for residents.


The HRCA supports 2 major non-profits: The Highlands Ranch Scholarship Fund and the Cultural Affairs Association. The scholarship is aimed at students who are not only looking to further their education, but have shown a high degree of community minded leadership as well as scholastic excellence. The CAA is aimed at providing a strong culturally diverse base of activities and amenities for the HRCA community.

Eastridge Terrace Real Estate

Eastridge Terrace and Highlands Ranch Community Association want to ensure that their residents are not only well cared for, but can support a healthy active lifestyle here in what is already one of the healthiest states in the country. With fantastic amenities, spacious homes, and great schools, maybe it’s time you found your home here. Contact us today to see available homes!

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