Selling Your Home? Consider a front door make-over! There is something to be said about first impressions and, when a potential buyer is approaching your home, your front door is almost always the first thing they focus on. It is where you tell the world “Hello” or “Good-bye”. Unfortunately, due to daily use and constant exposure to the elements, the opening to your house may not look as inviting as you’d like. However, with some fresh paint and a little bit of elbow grease you can add to curb appeal and give your entrance some WOW factor.


Door Pin: Very little says “Creepy House” more than a squeaky front door so it’s a good thing that there is an easy fix. With a flat screwdriver and hammer, push up on the hinge-pins to remove them, one at a time. Then lightly scrub the pin, barrel and hinge leaves with steel wool. Once they’ve been cleaned of old dirt and grime, coat the barrel and pins with a thin layer of silicone spray or a light penetrating oil.

Door Seals: If you notice a cold draft around your entry door during the winter months, your door may need to be sealed.  To find out, open your door and look to see if the old weather stripping is cracked, sagging, or missing. If so, some new stripping from your local hardware store will make an easy fix.

Wiggly Handle/Knob: Much like a firm handshake, most people prefer a firm door knob or handle. If it feels loose in their hand, then they may get the impression that you haven’t been taking care of the rest of the house. Fortunately, most doors are fastened by a couple of screws and can be easily tightened. Make sure they are snug to remove any door handle wiggle.

Give the Front Door a Make-Over

Clean It: Most of the major blemishes that your door faces can be washed away with simple soap and water…and sometimes, a power-washer. A little elbow grease can go a long way.

Polish It: If your door is a stained wood, then you may only need to polish it with a wax or other wood treatment. Minor scratches and dings can usually be sanded out and new stain applied.

Paint It: If after you clean the door, you find that the door still needs some TLC, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. Remember to lay down a primer coat, look for flaws, sand between coats, and give it a final smooth coat with a mini paint roller.

Always keep in mind that you may have to bite the bullet and get a new door if yours has seen too much wear and tear, but it will be worth it in the end. A prospective buyer will usually use your front door as a barometer of the health of the house in general. If the front door seems sick, then maybe the rest of the house is too. Take a few moments and make sure that your front door is healthy so that you can sell your home fast and at a great price!