Having a Pool in Colorado? Let’s face it swimming pools are fun!  They are great for relaxation and will ensure that you spend more time with friends and family. A pool will become the center-point for summertime fun and enjoyment. In sunny Colorado, there are benefits of having one in your backyard often outweighs the costs. If you are looking to buy a new home, you may want to put a swimming pool on your considerations list.

Having a Pool in Colorado | Pros:

DIY Resort: A decent sized pool in your backyard gives your home the feeling of a getaway; especially when you want to take a “stay-cation.” You can relax “beach-side” all summer long without having to pay exorbitant prices.

Knowing It’s Clean: Since you own it, you get to determine how clean it stays. Are you willing to let stinky Uncle Bob jump in from time to time and perform a little extra maintenance or will you tell him that he needs to stay on shore? It’s all up to you; you’re in control.

Technology Helps: Speaking of Maintenance, it used to be a major chore to keep a pool clean. You had to clean it with a net and vacuum, constantly check the chemical levels and temperature, and clean the *shudder* creepies out of the filter. With advances in automation, all of that is no longer necessary. Micro-computers constantly check chemical levels and release necessary amounts. Self-cleaning filters keep debris out of sight and out of mind. Now you can preprogram pool maintenance to make it almost hands-free.

Personal Gym: Swimming is one of the best exercises the human body can utilize. It’s low impact, full body, refreshing, and fun to do. If you have your own pool, you can exercise when you want without have to wait for a lane to open or a machine to become available. It’s all on your time.

Having a Pool in Colorado | Cons:

Swimming Season: Although it is technically feasible to have your pool open nearly year-round in Colorado, most owners tend to close a pool down in September and reopen it in May.

Space Constraints: A pool large enough to enjoy will usually take up a rather hefty percentage of your yard. It’s important to prioritize what you want out of your recreational space.

Energy Sump: Although advancing technology has made great strides in solar pool heaters, pump and maintenance charges will add to your monthly bills. Make sure to check your budget to see if owning a pool is feasible.

Limiting Buyers: When it comes time to sell your home, you will be reducing the number of potential buyers. Many people will not want to enjoy a pool as much as you have and it will end up being a liability instead of a perk.

Having a Pool in Colorado | A Comprimise:

If you must have a pool, there may be a compromise. Numerous neighborhoods have community pools, most of which are included in the cost of HOA dues. Granted, you may have to share the pool with your neighbors but there is no maintenance fees or worries. It all depends on where your priorities lie. Pools are fun and provide lots of benefits, even though there are downsides. It all depends on you.