List Your Home During a Holiday? So, we just passed 4th of July again and I’m willing to bet that although you were getting your house ready for picnics, BBQ’s, and other family gatherings, showing your house was the last thing on your mind, right?

Why Would You List Your Home During A Holiday?

Holidays are a fantastic time to show off your listed home! Oh, don’t look at me that way; I’m not crazy…and let me explain why!

Holidays provide a lot of opportunities for both sellers and buyers to take advantage of, that disappear once the celebrations are over.

You should already have a great agent that is willing to work around the clock to sell your home and holidays are no exception. Any agent worth his or her credentials will be out on the holidays working the market for you.

Again, Why Would You List Your Home During A Holiday?

For many reasons. First, there is much less competition on the holidays. Most lackluster buyers that are still sitting on the fence about this or that deal will be taking the holiday off from looking at potential homes. This means that anyone who shows up to your door is going to be a serious buyer making a serious offer. These are the buyers who have usually pre-qualified and are ready to sign on the dotted line.

They will also have some time off to look and won’t be feeling the time crunch of rushing from one home to another. They can relax and really get a feel for the home; letting them create more of an emotional bond that will help them make what is, ultimately, an emotional decision. The more you can make them feel at home, the more likely it is that they will buy yours.

To make matters even better, other home sellers usually aren’t keen on showing their homes during holidays so the number of homes for those serious buyer to look at is drastically reduced; usually by over ¾ of the usual number on the market. So not only do they have more time to browse through your place, but they’ll have fewer homes to browse through.

On your end, you get to save some effort. You’ve probably already cleaned and decorated your house for the holiday so it is looking extra spiffy. Why not take advantage of that and show it off to buyers? They will appreciate the look and you will have gotten double duty out of your ornamentation. Remember, though that the usual “staging” rules still apply. Keep it tastefully simple and don’t forget the outside.

With all of this, there are so many reasons to show off your home during the holidays. You get a better chance to sell because buyers have a better chance to look. So, if you aren’t showing your home during the holidays, let me ask you one more time…