Off-leash parks are great resources for exercising, stimulating and socializing dogs. There are lots of ways to do this: dog parks, play groups, play dates with friends’ dogs, and simple leash walks can all help accomplish this. Without this experience, dogs can lose their ability to know how to behave appropriately around other dogs.  Dog parks are a great way to socialize your dog and while they may not be at the top of your home buying decision list, it may be a consideration. If you are buying a home in Littleton, you may want to visit the 3 Best Dog Parks in Littleton, Colorado.

Chatfield Dog Park

 In 2010, when a growing amount of “off-leash” dogs were starting to impact local bicyclists, joggers, and equestrians, Littleton created what is now one of the two biggest fenced in Dog Parks in the metro area. AT 69 acres, it offers 2 large ponds for swimming, and miles of pathways. There are even times when you can join in with training classes.

Keep in mind that there is a $2 daily fee or an Annual $20 pass to use the park, but with that much space to burn off your dog’s extra energy, it’s well worth it.

The State Park fee is an additional $9 daily or $73 annual fee.

David A. Lorenz Regional Dog Park

Located near the intersection of S. Colorado and County Line Rd, D.A.L. Regional has fewer amenities than Chatfield, but is still one of the favorites for Littleton residents since it is more conveniently placed for residents. It has synthetic turf fields, a Disc Golf Course, and a BMX Track. A lack of entrance fees is also a bonus.

Like Chatfield, David A. Lorenz Dog Park is part of a bigger park area that has been fenced off to let your dog run free. It has a water spigot so that you can water your thirsty pup (especially since there are no ponds) and a bench where you can sit back and keep an eye on his interactions with the other “kids.”

Wynetka Ponds Dog Park

If Chatfield and Lorenz are too far south, then maybe Wynetka Ponds will work for you. This fenced-in park won’t cost a dime and can boast higher maintenance than most parks in the state.

Unlike other doggie hangouts, the park at Wynetka has 2 sides to it; one open and the other closed off. Every month, the city switches between the two in a continuous cycle. The idea is to give the grounds a rest from dog and people activity; letting the grass grow again and preventing the earth from becoming compacted and barren.

Be careful of the convenient 3-tiered fountain though. Even though there is a lower tier for dogs, a medium for kids, and a tall for adults, bigger dogs like to slurp from the more comfortably placed “human” tiers.

Every dog expert agrees that a regularly exercised and socialized dog is a happy dog. Burning off excess energy reduces or eliminates most anxious and destructive behaviors. For the residents of Littleton, there is no excuse not to enjoy these 3 great Dog Parks that provide a great place for their pups to play.