In these times of political strife, anger, dissension, and what seems to be an otherwise uncaring world, it is important that we “be the light in the darkness.” Now that Halloween is over, we find ourselves looking toward the last few holidays of the year; celebrations of compassion and caring. These, above all other holidays, are when we have the greatest chance to shine our light in the dark seasons. As always, spring will come with its joy and sun, but now the sun and warmth are scarce, so we at True Performance Real Estate are taking a moment to set aside all talk of housing and sales to show you how you can honor the upcoming feasting day with a few ways of how to be giving during Thanksgiving.

While most people have a scarcity of time and resources, there are a number of things that you can do in your community or workplace that require little money and time, yet have an amazingly large impact.

Organize A Food Drive

Whether in your neighborhood or at work, organizing a food drive is as simple as collecting a few boxes and printing out a sign. If all you have access to is your job building or a local club, that’s fine. Place the box in a conspicuous area like a break room or front door with a big enough placard to catch folk’s attention. Don’t worry if nothing happens for a few days, it takes a bit for people to remember to grab a can or two of food.

However, for a larger impact, contact your local food stores (big and small) and ask if you can set up a box or two on site. Most will jump on the idea and will probably even offer up a donation or two of their own. Larger chain stores usually love hosting donation boxes since it gives them a community connection.

Remember, however, that it is important to always have “bait” in the box since people will subconsciously shy away from being the first to put something in.

Organize a Coat Drive

Just like a food drive, a successful coat & clothing drive can also be simple and easy to achieve. Ask friends and neighbors to free up some closet space by donating warm items that will see the less fortunate through Colorado’s wintery chill.

As with the food drive, make sure that your signage is large enough to catch the eye and simple to understand.

Become a Local Volunteer

The holidays are always a time when more people need the services of shelters, food banks, and other services which put a greater strain on resources that are already understaffed. By offering your time and effort to these places, you are reducing the burden on them which allows their trained personnel to focus on important tasks that keep them on point and operating efficiently.

Remember that you don’t have to wait until the holidays to volunteer. They need help year-round.