The code of neighborhood parking has been the cause of some serious Hatfield/McCoy feuds. Parking can turn the friendliness neighbors into vehement enemies in short order.  Now, while laws are laws when it comes to parking, the unwritten rules of leaving your car are usually the ones that really get you in trouble. YouTube has a whole series of videos of homeowners getting revenge on negligent or rude parking jobs; sometimes funny, mostly expensive. To help keep you out of hot water with your neighbors, here are some quick neighborhood parking etiquette tips to stay within your neighbors good graces.

Keep to Your Own Parking Space:

Unless it is a necessity, always park in your own driveway or the space that is in front of your home. It’s extremely rude to crowd your neighbors by encroaching on the space in front of their house. If it becomes a habit, you may find that they disapprove…

Give Your Guests Parking Guidance:

Everyone understands that there may be limited parking for a big get together. However, it is important to ensure that there is as much parking at your place is possible. If you can, find somewhere distant to park your own vehicle so that your guests can utilize another space. When you do run out of parking spots, make sure your guests don’t block someone else’s driveway or sidewalk.

The 3 Hour Parking Rule:

If your guests do need to encroach on other homes street space, let the property owner know that it is temporary and probably won’t exceed 3 hours. Very few people will have a problem with this and will think better of you for asking.

Open Space:

Ensure you or your guests park properly parallel to the street in a manner which is easy to get around and not on the curb. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to navigate a road full of badly parked cars. You’ll get a bad reputation and the cars might end up with some unintentional scratches.

Clean Up Vehicle Messes:

If by chance, your vehicle or your guest’s vehicle leaks any fluids on the neighbor’s pavement, be courteous and clean up the mess. There are a variety of spray on/ wash off cleaners that will get rid of spills and leaks in moments.

Remember that parking etiquette is all about courtesy. If you wouldn’t want it to happen to you, don’t do it to someone else. Be respectful of your neighbors and responsible for your guests.