It used to be that if you wanted video surveillance in your home, you either spent a great deal of money for what was then high-tech camera and storage systems. Fortunately, that kind of investment isn’t really necessary anymore. Newer home video surveillance systems operate with cost-effective high-resolution cameras that are integrated with your Wi-Fi capable video systems with information that is securely stored offsite. You can keep an eye on your home with the phone in your pocket that’s nestled right next to the money you saved. “That’s great,” you say. “It’s awesome that it cheaper, but why do I need it in the first place?” Good question. Here are the Best 4 Uses for Home Video Security.

Front Door Video Security

YouTube has an entire library of videos that are devoted to homeowners catching those with less-than-honest intentions being surprised or deterred from front door crimes. While most show the face of someone stealing an Amazon delivery, there are few others that are more serious.

It is common for many would-be burglars to walk up to the front door and knock to see if you are home. No answer usually means that they can break in safely. With a few of the new systems, you can answer the door from your office by speaking through your phone. Granted, the burglar may be familiar with the system and realize that you may not be there, but they also know that you now have a recording of their face if there is a robbery investigation and will go hunting elsewhere.

Service Providers Video Security

In this day and age, many of us use service providers for the maintenance of our homes. While we all vet our service providers, through referrals, online reviews and cross comparisons, having a home video security system gives that added peace of mind when we need when leaving service providers in the home while unattended.  While it is your home, as a courtesy let them know that the home is under video surveillance.

Teen Video Surveillance

Comedian John Mulaney tells a story of a party at a friend’s house where not only was a pool table destroyed, but extremely personal items were stolen…all by drunken teens. When you take off for a few days and leave the kids behind, do you know what kind of party they are going throw? If you have seeded your house with cameras that you can access online, you don’t have to worry about what is going to happen. The kids know you are watching and what the consequences will be if Grandma’s ashes go missing.

Pet Video Surveillance

Anxious dogs and obnoxious cats get into all kinds of trouble while we are away and it’s hard to correct the behavior 5 hours later when they have completely forgotten about the chewed-up shoe or toilet paper mess. What if you could get an alert when there is movement in an area they aren’t supposed to be in? What if you could press a button on your phone and have them hear your voice reprimanding them in the middle of the wrong behavior? Just about every system out there that provides real-time monitoring and motion detection provide you with those options.

Let’s face it, with all of the options out there now for video surveillance, home security has reached all new levels of functionality. Why wouldn’t you want to make your home as safe as possible while you are away?