It’s said that some of the most beautiful autumn colors rest in the foliage of New England and the Rocky Mountains and while the north-east states may have a bright and vari-colored palate to work with, nothing beats the purples, yellows, oranges, and soft browns of Colorado. Here, encompassing some of the most breathtaking vistas in the country, we truly carry the deep splendor of the transition to winter. Here are some great tips for Welcoming Fall Into Your Home.

Selling Your Colorado Home in the Fall

When preparing to transition your home into someone else’s care, the post-harvest months can be the best time to embrace the essence of fall. As the cold days become more numerous, a potential buyer will be looking for a home that they can fall in love with; somewhere to enjoy the upcoming holidays with friends and family. Just imagine how quickly they will love your home when you create a place where they feel as though they can curl up and be cozy in.

Home Accent Painting for Fall Colors

Since every Real Estate Agent will advise that you touch up the outside with some new paint, feel free to give your home some fall colors in strategic spots. Is your home already a light tan? Try a touch of pumpkin orange or deep umber to the outside windows. Give your porch the feeling of walking through an autumn forest with some tasteful greens and yellows to mimic the aspens and firs of the Colorado mountains. The possibilities are endless and you can find appealing color combinations on many paint supplier websites.

Seasonal Home Trimmings for Fall

Once you’ve given your home some harvest colors, a touch of flora will help to round out the look. Adding a warm and inviting wreath to your front door with some friendly fall colors will surely say that anyone is welcome.

Clean Up Your Homes Exterior for Fall

But what if you are happy with the color scheme you have and have already hung the seasonal trimmings? Are you done? Probably not. Although Halloween is close, buyers don’t really want to see spider-webs and other forms of neglect around the house. It’s easy to take a weekend to power-wash the outside nooks and crannies where dirt likes to accumulate or touch up cracked and weathered paint. Don’t forget to clean the windows as well. By taking care of these little tasks, your home will give subtle clues to your prospective buyers that your home will take care of them.

Tidying Up the Yard for Fall

Finally, it’s vital that your lawn is clean and manicured. Even though the sun is shining less and the grass is starting to brown for the winter, a clean-cut yard is another understated touch that draws in buyers. Coupled with a distinct lack of fallen leaves everywhere, your home will appear well maintained and strong for the coming winter storms.

Here in the slow decline of the warm weather, a warm inviting home will offer those who look at it a feeling of comfort and safety. Give your home the right touches and you will create a place that pulls in the right person and says, “Have a soothing cup of love. You can snuggle down right here.”